Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals 150g
Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals
Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals 150g
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Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals 150g

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  • Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals|
  • Triple graded and sifted Himalayan mine salt. Naturally sun dried. Crushed into small crystals.
  • 100% Pure and natural. This mineral rich and unprocessed salt has a mild savoury - umami like taste.
  • Triple layered sachets for protection from light, air and moisture. Manufactured in ISO 22000 : 2005 accredited facility.
  • We are BanyanTree Foods, an employee cooperative from our collective love for exceptional food.We are a team that share the passion which goes into crafting unique food plates of high taste, finesse and quality. BanyanTree Asian food ingredients is used by multiple Michelin rated Chefs & Restaurants worldwide. We are a producer member at the Guild of Fine Food.